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Gujarat is historically known for its rich and exquisite states and a myriad of tourist attractions. People from all over the world visit this city and experience the grandeur of many tourist destinations such as Sun Holi Place, Akshardham Temple, Lothal, Kutch Desert, Khavda and Somnath Temple. Due to this impressive heritage and culture, shopping in Gujarat is a great way to experience the city of fashion and colors.

From crafts and textiles to beautiful handmade clothes and unusual tribal jewelry, even the most reluctant of shopkeepers will not be able to resist themselves with the intricate beautiful articles that the city has to offer. Patterned bead work, mirror work, handmade shawls, carpets, dyed scarves and silver jewelery make shopping in Gujarat a lifetime experience. While you enjoy this rich shopping experience in the beautiful city, you need to keep in mind these popular and easy to find shopping places in Gujarat that will help you grab some of the best artifacts on your amazing journey. 10 places to shop in Gujarat A beautiful amalgamation of colors, patterns and embroidery, Gujarat has no shortage of opulent handicrafts. From artistic paintings to various embroidery styles such as ‘Patola’, ‘Mutwa’ or to Rabari, the local markets of the city blossom with colors and traditional artisans that reflect the true traditions of the city.

If you too are headed to the vibrant city soon, here are some popular markets that will keep you shopping till the last moment.

1. Dhalgarwad

Known for its traditional dress materials, textiles, saris and beauty-like Chaniya Choli, this market is the perfect place if you are a true shopkeeper. You can find beautiful Gujarati clothes and lehengas at very reasonable prices, without much bargaining with the shopkeepers. You can also see the popular woodcraft of Surat and Kutch in this market.

2. Sindhi Market

Sindhi Bazaar is another popular shopping area of ​​Gujarat. Various types of sarees, bed sheets, traditional items and dress materials are easily available in this market. Located in Kalupur Gate, this road market is famous for its textile products. If you are looking for local and traditional products at cheap prices, then this market is for you.

3. Manek Chowk

Serving every type of traveler, Manek Chowk has something for everyone. You can visit the market in the morning hours, where you will get fresh fruits and vegetables at affordable prices. Bullion Market is a gold and silver market in the area where there are many jewelry stores from where you can get chunky jewelry items. One, you will get many types of designs, patterns and colors, which you will really fall in love with.

4. Lal Darwaja Market

This busy center of the city is crowded with people in search of cheap electronics and clothing supplies. Traditional shoes, children's wear, Chaniya choli, books and purses. This market stocks almost everything under the sun. With a crowd of food stalls and snacks, the market becomes more lively in the evening.

5. Raipur Gate

Light up the décor of your home with intricate articles available in the market of Raipur Gate. A variety of shopping malls and centers are also available in the market where you find all types of items. Famous for the Gujarati food available, authentic Gujarati food such as Dhokla, Khandvi, Farsons and a variety of vegetarian kebabs can also be found.

6. Law Garden

Bustling with vendors and shopkeepers, this market is a unique attraction for tourists visiting Gujarat. The market is full of jewelry, accessories, and clothes which are quite reasonable and cheap. The market lasts till midnight and you can also find attractive handbags, saris and accessories hanging on the wall. When in this market you can enjoy the best shopping in Gujarat.

7. Ramkada Market

If you have children on your Gujarat trip, then it is necessary to take the children to Ramkara Market. Shopping in Gujarat is incomplete without your children going to this market. You will find amazing toys for children at easy rates as the market is full of all kinds of toys. Accessories for women are also easily available at cheap prices.

8. Render Road, Surat

Another market is established: on the render road and is famous for traditional clothing and dress materials. While shopping in Surat Gujarat you can find vibrant colors, Gujarati patterns and mirror work clothes. Beaded jewelry and handmade necklaces are also available in this market. A great place for tourists, this place is an equally popular place among locals.

9. CG Road / Chimanlal Girdharlal Road

You will find all kinds of articles in this market, equipped with many shopping centers and local shops. For some traditional items, if you are brand conscious, you can roam onsite or at local shops in shopping malls in Anand Gujarat. The night market in the area is also a center of attraction for travelers.