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If you are always at home and just drifting between work and home, then you are not really leaving your comfort zone. You've got a comfortable routine in your life where your heart often doesn't have to skip a beat. Travel brings the opposite effect. You are forced to leave your comfort zone whether you like it or not, because you are in a new country with a new culture and things are different. You are leaving friends, familiar foods and often a familiar language behind. However, entering a new area is exhilarating.

There is no better feeling than expanding your horizons and coming home with endless stories.

This is a picture that I shot on the road in Iceland. In this moment we were lost in the middle of the country, but I like to feel lost, because there is an adventure.
Photo by Julentto Photography / Unsplash

To be more patient

When you travel abroad, not everything flows as you want. In your home country and your hometown, you will probably be familiar with how things roll. But when you travel to other parts of the world, obstacles are going to arise and you have to find a way to deal with them. Whether it is struggling to get your voice in another language or losing your luggage along the way, you will definitely become more patient than you would travel. Learning the best of these small challenges is the best lesson of patience.

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Photo by Diego Jimenez / Unsplash

Two Cultures and Appreciating Their Difference

Isn't the best thing about travel experiencing new cultures? We all learn about cultures in school, but this is not the same. Actually experiencing a culture is totally different. By visiting museums, admiring the sights to eat at a local restaurant, you are exposing yourself to people and lifestyles that are usually completely different to coming back home. You do not have to live in a country before taking local customs. The vast difference between the culture of one country and another depends on the countries themselves. But generally, every new country you visit will teach you to appreciate new cultures.

More opportunities to enjoy life

Many believe that a new car, a new house, or a new thing will make them happy. Actually, humans need very little to get happiness in life. This is a life lesson you will learn from traveling. When you have to pack so lightly and bring only the essentials, you rely more on your experiences for enjoyment. Sleeping in a guesthouse and hostel is something you learn to live with. The joy of traveling comes from the experiences you get, not from the property you bring. This happens when you start to realize that all the things you need to come back home are no longer there.  

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Photo by Dino Reichmuth / Unsplash

Friends with Strangers Is Freeing

As you travel, it is easy to build a global network of friends. If you are traveling alone, you will need some human interaction in particular. The good news is, it is not difficult to find traveler friends. When you meet travelers, they are usually happy to hear your story and also share theirs. The two of you have a mutual love for travel, which only strengthens the bond. If you are traveling solo, you will never be alone with all the passengers going out. If you don't want to talk to you first then you just have to put your neck out a little.

Travel. Learn. Teach
Photo by Rana Sawalha / Unsplash

Being alone is not a bad thing

Traveling alone eliminates loneliness, we will not lie. When you're constantly saying goodbye to friends and entering a new realm, those will be lonely moments. It can be especially lonely when you have done daytime sightseeing with someone to talk about it. On the other hand, being alone also gives you time to reflect on your experiences. You will not be distracted by external thoughts and you will not have to deal with conflict of interests and activities. This is your journey and you can do whatever you want. Going to bars, dining in restaurants and wandering the city alone will not be the least familiar and scary soon.

Photo by KaLisa Veer / Unsplash

Try New Things

If you have been offered snail appetizers in your country, you probably will not refuse now. When you move to other countries around the world, you will have a habit of offering or serving unusual foods and perhaps even unexpected foods. Over time, it will become normal and trying new things will be part of your DNA. Every culture has its own food and customs. Although it can be difficult at first, you will want to try new things soon - even if you don't try to bring them back home. Travel widens your mind and pushes you to innovate and not hold back.