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The mountains are generally popular destinations in winter break. People go there to ski, enjoy the icy landscape and take some spectacular breaths of fresh air. But as with all other properties, mountains also seem to be the perfect destination in summer. Forget about common beaches and visit mountains that offer a huge range of activities.  

Lake Tahoe winter forest
Photo by Todd Diemer / Unsplash

Have Active holiday

Except for a few Zumba sessions on the beach, which can only happen once in a while, you won't have the chance to expend much energy. Warmer temperatures only make you want to be comfortable on the beach and stick to your towel. Maybe you will be able to swim but mountains provide more significant benefits. You can go hiking, hike, and ride some bikes in nature with beautiful sun and pure mountain air.

Enjoy the richness and diversity of the landscape

Crossing the footpaths of average mountains, climbing up to reach peaks, crossing pastures, passing steep ridges, or simply passing through larch forests, mountains offer a thousand and one landscape more stunning than others Huh. Between lakes and rivers, shelves and slopes, valleys and summits, the topography changes and leaves no room for monotony.

The most stunning viewpoint of Meteora
Photo by Toa Heftiba / Unsplash

Escape from mass tourism

The purpose of the holiday is to leave behind all the everyday worries. Prepare yourself to spend your vacation with the crowd by going to the beach in summer, which can be stressful. So be wise and choose the mountains where you can be left alone with breathtaking natural scenery. Even for accommodation, renting a mountain in that period of the year is cheap and quiet. You will have a bunch of options, hotels, chalets, apartments, etc.

Lunch with a view. A tourist couple eating lunch at a Japanese restaurant next to Lake Tekapo, New Zealand.
Photo by Laurens R.M.D. / Unsplash

Discover new food

With all the crowds of farmhouses, host tables and restaurants, a mountain holiday is also the perfect choice for gastronomy lovers. Cheese, meat, forest fruits, wild berries, mushrooms, grains and all kinds of vegetables, mountains are such natural giant panties, where cooks never have difficulty in getting inspiration. From valley to valley, you can discover new culinary specialties.

Peaking through the trees
Photo by Colton Jones / Unsplash

Discover natural and cultural discoveries

The mountains are filled with miracles created by nature over time: waterfalls, lakes, rivers, sea ice, rocks, caves etc. Most of them are accessible to tourists. This rich natural heritage makes the mountains a tremendous summer destination for all those who are thirsty for discoveries. Otherwise, you can visit churches, museums, palaces, former quarry areas, fortified villages, and many other historical and unique places that tell history.

Photo by Boxed Water Is Better / Unsplash

Meet new people

Beaches can be crowded in summer, but clearly answer the next question: Once you are comfortably placed on your beach towel, do you ever become interested in the lives of those around you? Not really, huh? But there is a special feature of keeping everyone on the same level in the mountains: on the same path, the same street, walking together or cycling. There is no social barrier that can keep you from talking to each other.

Full speed ahead!
Photo by Maarten Duineveld / Unsplash

To ski in summer

Isn't it exciting? While everyone else suffers from the heat, you can walk out in peace in the middle of summer with the opportunity to practice the Winter Games. Imagine skiing along amazing trails while breathing in the fresh air and staring at a magical scenery. To make the best of your trip, choose the right hill destination with a beautiful ski resort. One of the most popular is the French Alps but you can also choose another European or American scalable domain.