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Dubai is a unique holiday destination, depicting the city, the sand and the sea. Soak up the sun on the white sand beaches, drop you in the world's largest mall, climb the world's tallest building; Take a stroll through traditional monuments (markets), take a dip on a desert safari, visit thrilling theme parks and more! There are not many places in the world where you can enjoy a lot of experiences in one place, but also in the Emirates of Dubai. The extensive list of experiences combined with the fascinating traditions and way of life in this Muslim society truly makes Dubai an international oasis and an ideal holiday destination for adventurers, families and business travelers!

What is Dubai?

Dubai is one of the seven United Arab Emirates (UAE) located on the eastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula in the southwest corner of the Arabian Gulf. The UAE is not a democratic country, which means that laws and culture differ greatly from Western countries. The emirate follows Muslim and Sharia laws and tourists are expected to respect and abide by these laws and practices. Click here to learn more about Dubai!

What is the national language?

Arabic and English are the official languages ​​in Dubai, but many expats also speak Hindu, Urdu, Bengali, Tamil, Tagalog, Persian, Chinese and Malayalam. English-speaking visitors will find it easier to get about 75% of Dubai's population to English-speaking people as their first or second language. It can also be helpful to learn some basic Arabic, including ad min fadlak '(please), uk sperm' (thank you), 'marhaba' (hello) and as masalamah '(with goodbye or peace).

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What laws should I note?

Being a Muslim country, laws in the United Arab Emirates reflect Islamic practices and beliefs. There are some personal conduct that are not considered criminal in Australia, but may lead to fines, imprisonment and deportation in Dubai. These include insulting the royal family, taking photos with local government or local authorities, swearing, extortion, posting photos of local events on social media, public displays of people and attachment in the background (kissing and touching, folded hands). Huh.

What is Ramadan?

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and is celebrated throughout the UAE. It represents the lunar period when Prophet Muhammad received his first revelation. Ramadan dates vary from year to year, although it usually falls around May 26 and lasts for about 30 days. Muslims observe a holiday by fasting between sunrise and sunset, praying regularly and giving alms. After sunset, the city is full of spectacular events and banquets! See below *

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Is there a special dress code?

While the UAE has strict dress standards, Dubai has a more casual approach. Dubai's population is made up of approximately 90% of expansions and 10% of emirates. Generally, expats and tourists are allowed to dress as they would at home, although swimwear should be limited to the beach or pool. Traditional and religious areas require modest dress. Garments should cover the shoulders and reach at least above the knee - it's a good idea to carry a pashmina or scarf!

Can I drink alcohol there?

It is a big misconception that you cannot drink in Dubai. Although it is not a boo-fueled city, non-Muslims can drink within local laws. The legal drinking age is 21 years. Alcohol can be served anywhere that is attached to a hotel, but there are set dry areas. It is illegal for Muslims to drink and offer it, it can cause a lot of trouble. Drinking alcohol or public intoxication is strictly prohibited and there is zero tolerance for drink-driving. Both can carry heavy fines, imprisonment or deportation.

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What is the weather like?

Dubai is known for its humid climate, reaching 40 ° C in the summer months (June to September). The winter months, from October to April, are also comfortably warm, exceeding the average of 24 ° C before falling into one evening at around 14 ° C. It is important to note that, despite the heat, climate is controlled everywhere in Dubai. Even in the summer people are seen rubbing up because the air-conditioning can be quite cold!

What can I do there?

We promise you won't in Dubai. There are lots of incredible malls, boutiques and souks that can be a way of life along with shopping. Sightseeing is an experience like no other. There is Burj Khalifa, Emirates Towers, Jumeria Mosque and lots to see around the city. Even Dubai has beautiful white beaches to get your dose of sea. Enjoy a different kind of sand on a desert safari. See my other Dubai experiences here!

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How do I get to Dubai?

My Dubai holiday packages include flights from most Australian capital cities to Dubai International Airport. A direct flight takes 14.5 hours from the east coast of Australia and 10 hours from the west. While traveling to Dubai, remember that your passport must be valid for at least six months from your arrival date! You do not need a visa. When you arrive in Dubai and proceed through immigration, your passport will be stamped with a 30-day visa, free of charge.

What is the currency?

The official currency in Dubai is the Arab Emirates Dirham (AED). AED is also known as dirham or dh for short. The exchange rate from AUD is about 2.8 which means that $ 1 AUD equals about $ 2.8 AED. This rate is obviously subject to change - this will vary depending on the currency exchange rates at the time of your visit. You can exchange currency at the airport, in the bank or at one of the many currency exchange providers around the city.

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How do I get around Dubai?

Traveling around Dubai is easy as there are plenty of public transport options available. Dubai Metro is the world's largest automated driverless train system. It extends the length of the city - from the airport to the Jebel Ali Golf Resort and Spa, with another line connecting the Old World suburbs to the Downtown Dubai Hub. 643 passengers can be accommodated in single track and service weight time range from 3.75 minutes to 7.5 minutes in rush hour and peak time. The metro is affordable, costing around $ 5AUD a day. Other transportation options include driverless cars (in test!), Taxis, Uber and most recently, Uber helicopters!

What’s the Wi-Fi like?

Staying connected is easy in Dubai. The Wi-Fi network is absolutely incredible and you can connect for free at the airport, on the beach or in private cars! The aptly named WOW-Fi network is Dubai International Airport. With speeds up to 100mbps, passengers can enjoy a connection at least ten times faster, while many Internet users will wait in their homes while they wait for their flights. The Dubai Culture and Arts Authority has a similar initiative on the city's culture and heritage sites. The authority is committed to providing high quality facilities that support creativity, innovation and cultural exchange and believes that a fast Wi-Fi network can help.

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*Note: Non-Muslims are not expected to participate in the fast of Ramadan, although they should consider those who refrain from eating, drinking, smoking or chewing in public areas during the time of fasting. This is not to say that you cannot do all those things during the day. Special divisions and only tourist areas are created during Ramadan. These are not counted as "public areas", so your vacation may continue as usual! All are welcome to join in the evening celebration which follows the time of fasting