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“You don’t take a photograph, you make it.” – Ansel Adams

With the remarkable disruption in technology, Photography has entered a whole new world. The camera is still a photographer’s best friend but technology is becoming an important tool for them. Since the inception of Photography, Editing has always been an important part of this industry.

After the commercial invention of the camera, first retouching on the photos was done by the Welsh painter Calvert Jones in 1846. He used Indian ink to remove a disturbing element from the negative. In the positive print, the place where the interrupting element had stood became the white sky.

Nowadays, with the advent of digital photography and Intelligent Editing, a lot of photographers hire the editing experts to make their projects amazing. As editing photographs is a must for every professional photographer, many invest considerable time and effort into learning this highly technical art form. Editing software has evolved a lot over the years to give photographers the versatility in their work.

Today in this blog, we are going to talk about why your extraordinary memories deserve spectacular editing. This topic has all to do with the reality that photographers capture via their camera and how to imbibe it with the magic of editing done by the editors. The main objective of photo editing is nothing but to beautify the raw image and make it look perfect.

Being a photographer, there is a fine line between presenting images as they were taken and presenting images as they were felt. We edit pictures to bring out the emotion, for how the moment was felt when we were there capturing it and those who were participating in it. Here is an example:

We edit pictures to give life to the colors in the photo. We work on them to be able to affect a particular look in post-production, with dedicated tools (software) that allow us to do so much with the raw pictures that came straight out of the camera.

Picture editing can make your extraordinary moments look fantastic. If you have pictures of your vacation, family, travel, Wedding or special occasions that are special for you, picture editing can make them more memorable.

Travographer is zealous to capture your special moments and give you preserved albums for your generations. Taking pictures doesn’t end when you press the click button; it ends when the final image is printed out on your wall and album.

P.S. Enjoy a few before/after samples that show the power of editing!