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~ Pamper yourself on your next vacation ~

Ever found yourself ogling over the picture perfect photos of your favorite celebrities at an even more picture perfect location and wondering when you could have your Instagram feed look so gorgeous? We feel ya! But now guess what – We’ve got you covered!

Every sunset is unique and everytime I see my Hometown sunset it is like a magic hour. You feel relaxed and you know that is the end of the day. A beautiful shot from Patras town of Greece.
Photo by Jason Blackeye / Unsplash

We at Travographer are providing you with your own PERSONAL PAPARAZZI!
Yes, you’ve heard us right!! Hold your breath and let us give you a run through.

~ Do you want a picture of you with your S.O in a hot tub, enjoying the sunset, clinking your wine glasses, all with the backdrop of the beautiful snow laden Swiss Alps?

A cold glass of wine stands on a wooden table, outdoors in the European Alps.
Photo by Dick Saunders / Unsplash

~ Or one where you and your adventure-seeking friends are diving off a cliff together into the crystal blue waters in the Philippines?

~ Or one where it’s you and your siblings against the adults in your family having a full blown snowball fight in the breathtaking mountains of Ladakh?

Clouds around mountains in Indian Himalayas, in the Ladakh region ??
Photo by Steven Lasry / Unsplash

Consider all of the above and more done and delivered at the click of your fingers! Heck, we could even make the clichéd ‘holding - the- sun- in- your- palm’ photograph come to life when you visit the beautiful beaches of Goa. So the next time you travel, take us along!

Photo by Baris Karguwal / Unsplash

And hey, don’t you get worried about our presence on the remote island in the middle of nowhere that you’re planning to visit next. We will be there! Our photographers and videographers are present pan India and in over a whopping 100 countries! (So feel free to throw a dart on the map to find your next travel destination :p)

We know you worked hard all year round and painfully saved up all your leaves to enjoy 10 days chasing the Northern lights in Norway. Let us help you get awesmackingly awesome pictures that you can look back to for keeping yourself motivated for the next 355 days, until we meet again.

Photo by Soragrit Wongsa / Unsplash

All of you millennials embarking on your dream solo backpacking trip across Europe can do so without having those awkward – ‘hey stranger, could you please click my picture here’ conversations and eventually having a blurred, unusable photo at the end! Urrgghhhhh

So put your phones away and leave behind your worries about damaging your expensive DSLR! Bid adieu to your dear instagram friends Valencia, Hudson and Sierra and greet your new buddies- our talented Travographers :D

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters / Unsplash

We know that we’ve got you all thinking that this is definitely going to drill a hole in your pocket!! Hahahaha. NO. Travelling on a budget AND want amazing pictures? Travographer can make that possible!! We promise that we won’t use up the money saved up for your special adventures but instead, our travographers could capture these picture-worthy adventures while you enjoy them.

Win a Perfect Day
Photo by Fabrizio Verrecchia / Unsplash

Dear divas and bollywood fans wanting your own “papzz” to follow you around, we haven’t forgotten you. Get your perfect airport or beach looks and perhaps recreate a scene from the iconic DDLJ with us on your next vacation.

To all the millennials reading this, we welcome you onboard and encourage you to spread the word to your old pals and if you’re one of the old pals then get your partners and friends along and let us embark on a new adventure with no more awkward angled selfies:p

Photo by Alexandre Lecocq / Unsplash

Come along and pamper yourself at your next vacation by enjoying the views with your eyes and not from behind your camera lenses and when your friends ask you if you hired a professional photographer - let them in onto our little secret of the - Travographer.

Need a photographer on your next vacation? Think Travographer.