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You see amazing places and beautiful photos as your wallpaper that you like, share and save, and you are deprived of the adventures coming out of this world. But it can't be all right? Have to catch one. No, no catch. Travel photography is amazing. Yes, it has its own negativities and tension like anything in this world, but positivity outstrips the negatives.

I truly believe that it is one of the most rewarding things you can do, and it develops you, not only creatively, but personally and professionally. Here are four reasons why you should choose a camera, book your first flight and get started with trying the trip.

Reason # 1: You get to capture Earth's most beautiful places and moments

San Diego beach sunrise
Photo by frank mckenna / Unsplash

This may sound like an obvious one, but I am reminded every day how lucky I am to travel to it. Some places you visit will blow your mind and humble you to your core. There is nothing to round the corner or reach the end of the road and you are staring at the place you had dreamed of shooting for years. That picture seen on the Internet becomes a memory in your mind and a frame in your camera that you always take with you. I just recently experienced such a moment in the Samuel Boardman Scenic Corridor, right outside of Brookings, Oregon. I have wanted to visit this special place for years, but as I started climbing the steep coastal footpaths, the scene became real and vast plains of the sea began to appear. He took my breath away. Setting out on one of the arched ridges to set up my camera, I realized the immense scale of the arches and the structures that carved the ocean. Sometimes realizing how small you can be for your personal development.

If you think about it, you are capturing the moment in the history of the Earth where you are shooting. Each day is unique. You can take a picture that can never be repeated, and you own that historic piece of art. Not only this, you also get to experience these beautiful places. When you do this you have to capture a little bit of history.

Reason # 2:You will develop a deep love and respect for this planet

Photo by Klara Kulikova / Unsplash

I think it is very easy to take over this world. It is not that we try, but we never take the time to get out there and see the world outside our cities and busy routines. I also grew up with my parents, grandparents, and gurus, who taught me how to protect and respect my world, but I never fully understood the importance of those lessons until I started going out. Did not and completely took a picture of myself in this magical planet and assimilated.

When you travel often and the place of your trip is full of places that bring you back in awe, you will fall in love quickly. You will also get to know how many of our protected places are in serious danger of overuse and overgrowth. I remember talking to a ranger on one of his visits to Glacier National Park in Montana, and he told me that by 2050, the park would be renamed, as all of the park's glaciers would have melted and only the bare mountains would remain nearby . Which killed me a lot. I do not want to be the last generation to see and photograph a place before I die and lose my unique identity. I want my later generations to be inspired and in love with this planet, like I did. To photograph well, you have to spend a lot of time with your subject.

When you spend a lot of time with the planet, you will be deeply in love with it and want to protect and honor it. Perhaps this is why I love travel photography so much, because it has made me as a human being much more responsible for how I approach, photograph, and play with the planet that I call home.

Reason # 3: You will learn about patience and flexibility

Photo by Cody Black / Unsplash

This is another area of ​​personal development that travel photography helped make me stronger. As a millennial who is a dreamer, creative and photographer, I grew up in an era where information is readily available. I think young people have been fed lies by social media and the internet that success is found fast. Spoiler Alert: It is not. Most of the time, perseverance and patience is key to achieving great things. The same goes for photography. I cannot tell you how many times I waited above an hour for a shot. The most spectacular sunrise light I had was from a stormy, cloudy morning. I had to be in a shot spot for days due to rain, snow or bad weather, but after the storm passed, I got a much better picture than I had imagined.

My prized pictures have taken hold of me. Earlier in my career, I would have packed up and hit the road if the conditions were not right with the bat. Now i wait And it's worth it Another lesson you learn is about flexibility. You will have flights that are delayed or canceled. You will have cars that break down or have a flat tire. The weather and conditions are simple to shoot when you have a setback, or worse, the entire time you are in your place. Always be flexible, never put on a schedule or itinerary, and play the card you are dealt. Some of my best shots have been after bad weather or an unfortunate accident. Those moments teach you how to shoot quickly and creatively, and will make you a better photographer.

Reason # 4: You will never run out of places to see and shoot

Holding a film Camera
Photo by Alex Azabache / Unsplash

It is the most amazing, yet depressing lesson from travel photography that makes it so rewarding. You can spend your entire life photographing our planet and not even scratch the surface you can see and shoot. My current destination bucket list is several pages long, and also summarizes it. Then you will go to a place, fall in love with her, and keep coming back and photographing her every season, and you want to balance your favorite places with new places. This is the most beautiful dilemma you've ever faced: lots of beautiful places, very little time. So take all the pictures of what you can see and what you can do. Don't get overwhelmed, just make plans and start today. It has been two years since I picked up my camera and started my travel photography journey, but it has been the most rewarding experience of my life. There is no catch. If you need recognition that this is amazing, I can tell you that it is.

Travel photography has allowed me to photograph the most beautiful places and moments in this world, giving me a deep love and respect for our planet, teaching me patience and resilience, and the amazing sights I have ever had for shooting Have a chance to not quit. This is one of my biggest passions, and I can really say that I love what I do.

so what are you waiting for? Book that flight, pack your camera and start your journey today.