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For every parent, whether it is your first or 10 times, the arrival of your new bundle of joy will always be a wonderful experience. We all still can't believe that we made this short life! There is no greater joy than that small hand holds your finger so tightly and keeps staring at that lovely face all day. There are no words to describe how deep your love for this little person is. You'll want to keep them close and never let go!

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But children grow up and change so quickly. this is true. And the bittersweet part, you didn't even notice it. Suddenly you are in the toddler stage and in a blink of an eye, this is their first day of school! We have swung with our parents' duties that we have forgotten to cherish the moments where they are at their smallest size (trust us, we understand how tough it is in the initial few months). Being a professional newborn portrait will make your family proud to re-learn this precious chapter of your life in the future and grow your little bundle into a strong healthy baby.

Baby shoes
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Do you know that a newborn photo shoot can only be done before the age of 2 weeks? You only have a small window of time to bring the doll for shooting. During this period, your baby will sleep almost all day so that you can shoot photos without much fuss and shoot those cute poses easily. In just 2 weeks, your baby has gone through a change.

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Low Stress. No Effort.

The first few weeks can be very stressful for some parents, especially if this is your first time. Lack of sleep and tiredness are usually the main culprits in this condition. Although newborns sleep a lot, they still fuss and this can be difficult. You don't have to worry about how you look everyday, let alone prepare for a photoshoot! This is where we come. Taking pictures of your child is a professional way to own beautiful pictures without effort. You don't even have to leave the house because our photographer is the one to come. Less stress is important for new mothers.

Unconditional love of the mother
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Cute Props & Professional Handling

We have a dedicated team that will help you handle all the preparations, from setting the Proper to preparing your child for a shoot! We also have various themes and concepts to make your photos more special. Rest assured, our trained team will take care of your child and always give priority to the safety and comfort of your family. Each device used is sensitized in advance and our photographers will strictly enforce security protocols.

My newest daughter, we have 4, was just about a day old when I caught this cute image of her yawning. Being born is apparently hard work!
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Home Decor Ideas

Of course, all of the beautiful pictures you'll find are frame-worthy. Do you know that our package comes with a free wooden frame? Here is another idea that you can use photos: Birth Announcement! Show your beloved child to the whole family and share moments of happiness with others.

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