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Grand Canyon, Arizona

One of the best times to visit the Grand Canyon. While it is the most crowded time in the Grand Canyon, there are many ways to experience it during the high season. Casual tourists can ride tour shuttles around the park, take a brief walk on the rim trails, or relax in the Grand Canyon Village.

Fit visitors can tackle a portion of the Bright Angel Trail to experience hiking in the valley. Extreme outdoor adventurers can spend a summer trip to the Grand Canyon dealing with a hike of a lifetime, going down the valley from the North Rim, spending the night at the Phantom Ranch, then hiking to the South Rim the next day.

You can also take the Grand Canyon Railway from Williams, Arizona to the Grand Canyon, which is a good way to see the landscape. During the crowded summer season, you will want to book in advance for the stay and transportation.

Colosseum in Rome during the morning blue hour with no people
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Rome, Italy

Since many of the best attractions in Rome are out, a summer trip takes you to a prime time in the city. Trips to famous ancient sites such as the Colosseum and the Pantheon are plentiful, but you will still want to book tickets ahead of time. Rome is an easy city to see on its own, so the pleasant summer weather makes it a fun place to travel on foot to experience new food or to hoist a coin in the Trevi Fountain.

Plan outdoor attractions first and save museum visits in case of inclement weather. The summer season in Rome is popular for tourists, so plan extra time in the itinerary to accommodate lines during sightseeing, and book the hotel at least six to eight months in advance.

Color of the lake is so beautiful!
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Whistler, Canada

Whistler, Canada's mountains are ideal for a winter ski holiday, but summer means more moderate temperatures and other types of outdoor experiences such as hiking and wildlife tours in the mountains. Without heavy winter gear, skiers can still hit the Blackcomb Mountains even in the summer months.

During the summer, Whistler opens water sports at Lost Lake Park. The 525-acre park offers hiking trails and kayak or paddleboards for rent.

Nature parks such as Brandywine Falls Provincial Park or Valley Trail that you can get from Whistler Village are ideal for hiking during the warmer months.

For a taste of the Winter Olympics, you can hit the bobsled track at the Whistler Sliding Center, where you can sled a 4,757-foot curvy track at a top speed of 78 mph for about half the cost of doing it during the winter months. Can.

San Diego, California

San Diego is one of those blessed cities that has beautifully consistent weather throughout the year and is always full of activity, but summer is a particularly fun time to visit this California city. With 70 miles of beach, a beach is never far away. Mission Beach, Pacific Beach and Coronado Beach are the three top beaches to visit.

Summer in San Diego also means festivals and music in the city, so it is a lively time to travel, there is always something in the local neighborhood. There are also major attractions such as Balboa Park, which houses museums, gardens, bike trails, 1,200 acres of cultural experiences, restaurants and the famous San Diego Zoo. Summer is popular in the city, so plan for higher rates in hotels.

Nova Scotia, Canada

Traveling to Canada in the summer is always good but it is a particularly lovely time to visit Nova Scotia. The peninsula is an outdoor lover's retreat, with water activities such as kayaking, rafting and whale watching. Summer hiking gives you full access to Cape Breton Highlands National Park, the Cape Chignecto Coastal Trail on the Bay of Fundy, and other trails with seascape backdrops.

Flights to Nova Scotia begin in June, so it is easy to visit the province in the summer. Numerous festivals take place during June, July and August, and these are ideal months to see the true culture of the region, with music and local events that celebrate the heritage of Nova Scotia.

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Marseille, France

A summer trip to France in the port city of Marseille is one of the best places in the country to visit in the warmer months. The summer climate, especially in June and July, is spectacular, which is why these are popular tourist months. Comfortable days mean you can spend time outside kayaking or exploring the old harbor area, which has been helpful in business for thousands of years.

There are plenty of ways to enjoy the culture and heritage of Marseille, from electric bikes and walking around the historic center to boat cruises and hop-on, hop-off buses to see the top destinations. Since summer is an ideal time to travel to Marseille, you will need to make a hotel reservation in advance.

Anchorage, Alaska
Anchorage, Alaska is one of the best places to visit in summer, when the weather is ideal, and since the days are long, you can pack more into the daily itinerary. During the summer solstice in June, daylight lasts for about 22 hours, so you have more time for a hike, canoe, golf, or whale watching tour.

Many heritage centers such as the Anchorage Museum are also there to visit, so you can plan a mix of outdoor and indoor activities. Temperatures are comfortable in summer (average in the 60's Fahrenheit), so this is a good time to try river rafting, visit wildlife watching, and view the landscape by rail.

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Amalfi Coast, Italy

The summer sunshine and holiday atmosphere on the Amalfi coast in Italy is very good, which already has an exotic glow. The natural beauty of this UNESCO World Heritage Site is even more captivating during summer, when the forests are vibrant and the coast and rocks are at your back and call.

The Amalfi Beach beaches are where you will spend most of your time, but the beautiful villas make some itinerary to visit the Symbron Gardens and take a stroll through the narrow streets of the Centro Storico.

Since the Amalfi Coast is the treasure of Italy, it is also the place where many Italians go for vacation, so the summer season is busy, but it is also the best time to see the coastal region at its best.

Edinburgh, Scotland

While the summer months in Scotland are the peak of the tourist season, they are the best time to experience cities such as the capital of Edinburgh. June, July and August have comfortable temperatures in the mid-60s (Fahrenheit), which are ideal for walking in the city or sightseeing in a double-decker bus.

Summer also means long days in the city, so you can spend your time strolling at the Royal Mile in the Old Town area and visiting Edinburgh Castle. With clear summer days, you can get a great photo from above the city at Calton Hill, one of the most popular vantage points.

Summer in Edinburgh is the time of the festival and the height of the tourist season, so book travel and hotels in advance.

City architecture and skyscrapers near waterfront
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Chicago, Illinois

The city of Chicago comes alive in the summer with outdoor festivals, boats on water, navy piers in full swing and perfect outdoor weather. Chicago has one of the busiest times of summer because it is an exciting time to visit, when the cold winter turns to cold and before it returns again in late fall.

Summer means walking spectacular miles and spending time at Grant Park. With the sun reaching its full potential in June, July and August, you can get a spectacular reflective selfie in "The Bean" sculpture at Millennium Park.

In the summer months hotel availability can be low and the accommodation available can be expensive, so plan to book the hotel several months in advance.

Machu Piccu, Peru

Since Machu Piku is a bucket-list holiday for many people, it is best to experience it in summer, when there is little chance of rain showers and inclement weather, especially if you plan to hike. This is a popular time for tourists who want to hike the Inca Trail.

Even if you do not plan to hike, the summer weather in Machu Pikku and Cusco is ideal. Keep in mind that since this is a popular time of year and trail spots require reservations and tickets, hikers should plan in advance.