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A trip to Indonesia is every traveler's dream. White sandy beaches, beautiful green landscapes and warm hospitality are the perfect combo to soothe your blues.
Therefore, do not nurture attractive stock images. Grab your travel diary and start planning a beachfront space, as Bali is all set to welcome its tourists for a delightful affair.
Wonder if it's safe to be around the tourist crowd? Oh, completely! You just need to escape to the more tranquil and tranquil islands and enjoy the peace.
5 breath-taking islands in Indonesia that you can't miss, check-out.



Apart from its beauty, the island has a lot to offer! You can be sporty with Nineboat travel, archery, air rifle activities at Nirvana Gardens, ATV rides at Treasure Bay and water sports. Don't miss Lantern Park in Lagoi Bay, Mangrove Search Night, Riau's last Malay Empire and rich tour of Panglong Village. Quench your shopping thirst in the grand mall and satisfy your cultural curiosity by interacting with friendly locals.



Being the largest city in the province of Batam Riau Archipelago, Indonesia offers you a lot of activities! Watch the eye-catching sunset on the Barelang Bridge and indulge in a soothing sunbath on Nongsa Beach. Tickle your adrenaline with an exciting session of scuba-diving and other water sports. Witness the stilt houses in Tanjung Uma and the mesmerizing views of the ancient Pennyngut island. You can also see Moti Maha Vihar Datta Maitreya Temple and the picturesque Ocarina Park. And, finally, subdue the showaholic at the Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall.

Nusa  Penida


Nusa Penida is considered the most beautiful island of Bali, unique for its serenity, size and unrealistic tourist destinations. Exploration around Broken Beach (Pasi Ugg), Angel's Billabong, Keelingking Beach Secret Point and Peguyangan Waterfall will make your soul happy, giving you some of the best memories of the trip. Apart from these go-tos, enjoy a thrilling experience by climbing 110 meters and crawling through the mouth of a small cave to reach the 300 meter long Giri Putra cave. The beautiful Atuh beach is distinguished by the crowds of tourists, which are considerably less crowded by travelers. Add your to-do list with a rejuvenation trip to Toypakeh, snorkeling in Crystal Bay, a dive-in at Manta Point and relaxing in Suavehan. For transportation, you can reach the ferry port of Sanur from Ubud, and then take a ferry to the island.

Lembongan  Island


Traveling to the least crowded destinations is a new trend in COVID's world. And, Lambongan Island is a perfect match for that. The island is about 20 km from Sanur, and offers you a fun stay with water activities such as paddle-boarding, kayaking, snorkeling and diving. Plan a day to Lembongan Island by boat and fill your empty space in Bali.

Gili  Islands​


3 small islands - Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air - upside down on white sand beaches and turquoise seas. Taste some authentic delicacies and live it at parties that bask in the ocean amidst its tropical marine biodiversity. Take a walk in the Travangan night market and enjoy mouth-watering Balinese refreshments at nearby restaurants. The island is easy to reach via a ferry ride.

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When you are traveling, be sure to maintain precautionary hygiene. Although we already know the rules, here is a quick recap:

  • Wear a mask wherever you go
  • Wash your hands regularly
  • Keep a sanitizer safe every time you go out
  • Eat healthy hot food instead of packaged