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Who does not like to shop? All of us always need something, which becomes even more important if we look at the 'SALE' sign. Europe is an entire shopping destination, especially for women, who spend hours and aimless wandering through shops. From outlets and second hand shops to malls and expensive brand stores, the following European cities have the best offer for you, so pack and travel light as soon as possible so that you can fill your bags with new items. To break down your city the most, save some money on housing and treat yourself to an amazing shopping. shop til You drop!

Passage in Paris
Photo by Tristan Colangelo / Unsplash

Paris, France

The French capital is a true shopkeeper's dream, so it would also be a real temptation to save a penny. It is no surprise that Parisians are often referred to as the most stylish people in the world. For those of you who like famous brands, we recommend you to visit the so-called shopping Mecca: Foberg Saint-Honoré Paris is the center of fashion. Go there and get something for yourself from Versace, Hermes, Yves Saint Laurent, Colette and many others. The area is only a hop away from the stores located at the Boulevard Haussmann in Opera Garnier and Belle-केpoque, Paris. Marais Quarter is known for vintage stores, antique shops, cosmetics and perfumeries and fine art galleries. It is a perfect place for shoppers for detail and unique art. This quarter will amaze you with food offerings, from high-quality French tea to the best Parisian chocolate. Saint-Germain-des-Presse is a popular place among intellectuals looking for new books and classics. Apart from this, you can buy some unique furniture and visit the famous boutiques Paco Rabane and Sonia Rykil located there. If you travel on a budget, check out their yard sales (Widren-Greniers) and try visiting the city in January or July, when you can find a lot of store discounts, even Up to 80%.

Milan, Italy

This Italian city enjoys fashion from every corner, so be prepared to see all kinds of style at the same time, blending in and out of the city's magnificent architecture. If you are happy (and able) to shop in the European fashion capital, then your first purchase should be in Via Montenapolin, via the luxurious shopping center of Milan. It hosts boutiques of many designer brands such as Gucci, Prada and Valentino. If you are looking for a quality leather dress, then this is the right place for you, as Wendy, Bottega Veneta e Salvatore Ferragamo are all on the same street. The next step is Coro Venezia, an avenue that, in addition to grand parks, palaces and gardens, offers you many Italian and international brands. For fans of Henry Cotton, Burburi and Brooksfield, the venue will feel like home. Very close to the Piazza del Duomo Square, you will find the Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, which is a very affordable place to see with young shopping Italian and foreign brands. Go there and shop at H&M, Zara, Bershka or Mango and dress yourself up in the latest trends. In addition, one of the largest department stores in the city, La Rinascent, is on the same street. While in Milan, don't forget to travel to Corus Buenos Aires, Europe's longest shopping street (1 km), which includes more than 350 stores such as Desigual, Swatch, Bogie, United Colors of Benetton and many, many more.

London, UK

There is not a single shopping lover about the famous Oxford Street in London. With over 300 shops, designer outlets and souvenir stores, this street has anything you can ask for, whether you are looking for sporty clothes, antique accessories, furniture, or you want to dress up for a special occasion. . Famous department stores like John Lewis and Debenhams also found their place there, but if you want to grab some deals, go to Primer, a huge store with the latest trends at low prices. For the luxury lovers among you, Bond Street and Mayfair are the top options to travel. It is the most exclusive shopping area in London and home to Tiffany & Co, Burberry, Louis Vuitton. Another famous shopping destination is Westfield, which has two major shopping centers: Westfield London, a place where you can see Jimmy Choo, Ted Baker and All Saints, but also from Next, Marks & Spencer and House of Fraser and so on. Can do shopping. You can also find cinema, bars and restaurants in this mall. Another Westfield shopping mall is the town of Westfield Stratford in the eastern part of London, one of the largest shopping venues in Europe that serves 250 stores and over 70 locations. When in London, don't miss the amazing stuff sold on Notting Hill, the film of the same name is famous for. In this area you can find a lot of old clothes, antiques, books, organic food etc. Another London shopping landmark is Carnaby, a quarter of 13 streets with more than 150 different stores and 50 bars, restaurants and English pubs.

The town of Ostuni also known as "White City" is located in Puglia, a southern italian region
Photo by Andrea Bozzi / Unsplash

Barcelona, ​​Spain

Passeig de Gracia is the most beautiful street in Barcelona from where shopping can be done. Wrapped in modern architecture, a stunning tree-lined bouquet is home to many luxurious shops, such as the boutique Rolex, Chopard, Cartier, Emporio Armani, Lacoste, Michael Kors, and more. All these and many other shops are surrounded by the best place in the city. The hotel and bar, and for your shopping to be even more Barcelona-like, the pavement is paved with hexagonal paving stones with gaudy nautical motifs from Casa Milca. Plaza Catalunya is another great place to spend your money. The El Corte Ingles Department Store and El Triangle Mall are located there that offer you many top brands and supermarkets, as well as the city's largest perfume shop, Sephora Triangle. Within walking distance from the Plaza Catalunaya, there are many small, clean boutiques, cafes and restaurants with traditional food and bargains such as the Portal de l'Angle, yet fashionable stores such as Zara and Bershka (also take a glimpse of the Massa Duty store Huh) . Of course, you cannot forget La Rambala, which is one of the most popular streets in Barcelona, ​​with some markets, restaurants, souvenir shops (though overcharging) and many street performers. Here you can taste the finest food and drink of Spain.

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Geneva, Switzerland

The Swiss Jewel and Lakeside city, Geneva, is one of the most expensive shopping destinations in the world. Bon Jini - Grider has 20 stores across Switzerland and is unique among shopping venues to improve the shopping style, shopping experience in bars and amazing restaurants. In Geneva the place is spread over 7 floors of fashion and accessories. Rue de Rhone is a fantastic shopping area where the world's most famous brands compete with each other. Expensive watches, clothes and jewelery are only one part of the area that you have to offer. Among the many shops, the Les Ambassador's shop is closed, offering a special service in a private showroom with more than 35 brands to watch and a glass of fine champagne. Don’t hesitate to visit Chocolatier AUR, a five-generation family making fabulous chocolate products and one of the best confectionery shops in Geneva. Another important fashion stop in the city is the Rue de Marche, a group of fashion stores, bookshops, furnishings and shoe shops, but also with the Swatch Shop and Davidoff Cigars. In the Rue des Alpes, around the railway station, you can find Swiss symbols: chocolate, cheese, cuckoo clocks, Swiss Army knives and many handicrafts. The shops are named Little Switzerland, Swiss Tradition and Swiss Corner.

Berlin, Germany

Since there is no specific shopping neighborhood in the German capital, the best way to find out what the city has to offer is to just start walking. One of the most popular shopping streets is Kurfurstendam, along the channel, Jill Sander, Prada, Escada, but also with cheap stores such as Mango or H&M. Also, check out the Tauentzienstrasse, Friedrichstrasse with several department stores and Potsdamer Platz.

Photo by Stefan Kostoski / Unsplash

Istanbul, Turkey

Look at the mix of East and West at the same time, modern culture and tradition. Places like Grand Bazaar, where among many other items, you can buy a famous Turkish carpet and Nisantasi shopping center with lots of gift shops waiting for you.

Munich, Germany

In the city center you can find a wide choice of boutiques, shops and department stores. The most popular locations are Köffinger Straw, Sandlinger Stray, and Theatinstrae. However, if you are a student on a budget, then Schwabing is the place for you. There you can shop in second-hand stores, book stores and jewelry boutiques, but also find local markets with traditional products.

Vienna, Austria

The longest shopping mile of all is the Mariahilfer Stra whiche, which boasts a large number of shops, shops, boutiques, bars, restaurants, etc., not to be missed at Landstreur Hauptstraße, near Roches, or with Favreitenstraैडe. It does not matter if you are on a budget or you have extra money to spend, Vienna has it all.

Brussels, Belgium

The capital of Belgium is one of the top shopping centers in Europe. There are Rue Neuve, Chaussée d'Ixelles, Avenue Louise, Rue Bailli and more waiting to show you the latest fashion, traditional products and delicious food!